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        Lai Wu Ruifeng Textile Co., Ltd. is a textile production-trade enterprise, specializes in processing, producing and sale of yarn-dyed fabric, denim, yarn dyed spun rayon meiko cloth, and so on. It is a class A customs import and export production enterprises, which has one textile factory, one textile finisher, one independent import and export corporation and one farm.
        The annual output of the company is yarn-dyed fabric 6 million meters and denim 5 million meters; processing and finishing of color woven fabric, denim 20 million meters; annual exporting color woven fabric, rayon printing and other fabrics 10 million meters.
the main equipments we have are jet looms gripping looms and fabric finishing equipment. The main processes of post-finishing are singeing, plucking, raising, sanding, shearing, desizing, mercerizing, washing, drying, stretching, setting, stretching, stretching, preshrinking, grading, shearing and wrapping. Besides, we undertaker the post-finishing orders.
        Our main products are full series of yarn-dyed fabric, such as flannel, CVC, T/C, poplin, oxford, chambray, yarn dyed spun rayon (meiko) cloth and so on. Full series of slub, elastic and blended denim fabrics; various kinds of rayon printed fabrics. Our products are exported to North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
In recent years, the company's own design of new color denim, red edge denim, yarn dyed smooth edge viscose fabric, fluorescent fabric is good at surface quality, bright color and smooth edge quality. So, a large number of exports of our products to South America, the Middle East countries, due to the authentic product quality, which is deeply loved by the local.
        We take the machinery up grading, new collections R&D and market developing as the core of the whole process. Our company pursues “professional, kind, trustworthy, rigorous,
Innovative” company culture.
        Therefore, we are warmly welcome customers from all over the world come to visit us and discuss possible cooperation. We would like to create a good future with all of our old and new customers upon our best quality and our best price.